Save the Teens

Preventing suicide, depression and addiction
In conjunction with The Shore Grief Center

Save the Teens - they are vital to our society

Teens live complicated lives. When events spiral out of control, depression and substance abuse can step in and take over their lives. 

We will show you the signs and how to help your teen (or yourself). The first step is recognition that things aren't quite right.
Save the Teens provides information to help you do just that - save the teens. It was started as many nonprofits do, as the result of devastation to one or many. The devastation in this case is suicide.

The goal is to prevent additional suicides among our teens (and others) by teaching the signs of depression and substance abuse.

Join us in this effort to keep our beautiful teens alive! Visit the Donations page or Facebook page or blog site and help Save the Teens to go viral.

The Founder of Save the Teens - Carolyn C. Zahnow

Carolyn Zahnow lost her son and only child, Cameron Stephenson, in 2005 to the demons that occupied his mind. Her hope is that by sharing her story and experiences other parents, teachers, mentors of teens, and teens themselves, will become more aware to the signs and symptoms of teen depression and substance abuse and then know what to do about it.

Do not become one of the parents who attend survivor of suicide support groups who whispers ..... "If only I'd seen the signs."

Learn the signs and save your teen! 

The Hope to save the teens

Yes, there's hope and as long as we all believe in that, then we WILL save teens!

Every life is worth living.

Cameron Stephenson, the inspiration behind Save the Teens
May 29, 1987 - August 11, 2005

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