Save the Teens

Preventing suicide, depression and addiction
In conjunction with The Shore Grief Center

About Save the Teens

Save the Teens started in 2009 by Carolyn Zahnow as a grassroots effort to teach parents the signs of teen depression and substance abuse. She has shared her message with parents (and sometimes teens) throughout North Carolina and Flower Mound, Texas.

The name, Save the Teens, came from the TV show "Heroes" as their motto was "save the cheerleader."  Elegant and simple. Thus "save the teens" became the battle cry.

This effort now includes the book, "Save the Teens: Preventing suicide, depression and addiction" which furthers the mission by getting the book into hands of parents where Carolyn has yet to speak. Or parents who are afraid to admit their teens might have problems.

It does not make you a bad parent if your teen is showing signs of depression or drug use. Research has shown that teens today have a harder time dealing with life than their parents for several reasons. So instead of denying the signs, face them head on and save your teen!

Share the information here with others because teens are a treasured novelty. They are worth the fight!

Thank you for caring about the teens.



More about Save the Teens, the Project

First and foremost, there is a presentation available that provides the signs of teen depression and substance abuse as well as examples of Carolyn's experiences that she encountered with her son before he died by suicide. She also shares the story of her loss.

Secondly, there is a presentation for teens that is also available. More straight, honest information is provided for them. Teens need to understand that it's better to share information with an adult about a troubled friend and have them mad at them than to have to attend their friend's funeral.

Thirdly, brochures that help parents understand what their teens may be feeling are available. There's also a brochure created for teens. Both of these are given away at talks and events free of charge.

Fourth is sharing information at events (walks, PTA events, youth related events). Just contact Carolyn ( to see if the date is available.

Additional information on speaking opportunities can be found here. References are available. 


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