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Let's talk about bullies

There's so much talk about bullies in the news, at schools and probably at your home. But sometimes you need to step back and analyse the root of the problem. Look at the bully - do you think they might have a bad situation at home that perhaps someone can help them with? Do they suffer from self-esteem issues? 

I ask parents to consider that maybe their kid might be a bully. People aren't born to be bullies. Sometime in their lives makes them hateful and want to hurt others. If you know a bully at your school, point them out to a school counselor and ask them to talk to them. They might be able to find the root of their anger and solve the problem. 

Here are some guidelines that I share with parents:

Your own child could be a bully if...

  • He or she likes to dominate others – be in control
  • Is a poor winner and poor loser
  • Hides behaviors
  • Blames others for his/her problems – displays uncontrollable anger
  • Lacks empathy towards others